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Where innovation drives profitability. Unlock the potential of your garage asset with Icon.


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When you partner with Icon, you’re not just investing in your operations – you’re investing in a seamless, hospitality-centric experience backed by the industry’s highest TrustPilot score and a 70+ year history of satisfied business customers.

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Parking Management

Modernize your parking experience with Icon. With a vast portfolio spanning over 45,000 spots, we redefine excellence in operation, service, and maintenance.

Icon’s innovative approach ensure seamless, secure experiences for your guests from start to finish while maximizing revenue through efficient space utilization and dynamic pricing strategies. Through rigorous employee screening, hiring, and training, Icon prioritizes customer satisfaction and safety, minimizing all potential safety and legal risks.

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Space Solution

Icon is the leader in innovative space solutions tailored to elevating your asset’s revenue potential. Icon’s expert design team ensures that every square foot is optimized for efficiency and convenience. From automated storage systems to smart space utilization strategies, we transform parking assets into seamless diversified revenue streams.

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Affinity Partnership

Through Icon, your employees or affinity group members can benefit from discounted parking rates at prime locations across major cities. An Icon partnership can provide cost-effective parking solutions that enhance their overall transportation experience with convenient and secure parking facilities. With Icon’s reputation for excellence in the industry, this partnership will not only add value to your organization but also foster loyalty through tailored benefits and savings on essential services.

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EV charging Solutions

Icon offers comprehensive EV solutions for your parking asset, covering assessment, consultation, design, construction, installation, and ongoing service. Our commitment to excellence and future-proof solutions ensures that every aspect of your EV needs is carefully considered and expertly addressed.

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Janitorial Services

Embrace workspace excellence with Icon’s trusted janitorial services. From spotless floors to fresh air, our efficient and professional team ensures a clean, green environment that boosts productivity and customer satisfaction. With over 70 years of business excellence, Icon leads the way in cleaning technology, saving you time and enhancing your bottom line.

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Staying abreast of local regulations and compliance requirements is critical in the parking and mobility industry. Icon’s experienced team is available to ensure that your parking assets adhere to all relevant laws and regulations, minimizing potential legal risks. Our proactive approach to compliance will help protect your asset investment and reputation.

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Digital Platform

The IconGO digital platform powers state of the art parking experiences

Leveraging real time data through a proprietary analytics platform, Icon empowers asset owners to optimize their space utilization and revenue opportunities.

An Icon partnership is an investment in technological innovation through a suite of digital services that ensure your asset will stay ahead in today’s competitive market.


Mobile app for gated and non–gated parking locations


Cloud connected gates


Enables users to park and pay via QR code


Managed VIP parking and self–managed access


Real–time reports and dashboards

Client Portal

Self–serve partner portal

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Who we are

Icon Parking is the largest minority-owned parking management, operating and mobility services provider in the US, and the largest parking service provider in New York City. With more than 70 years of operating experience in the most complex parking market in the US, our team has the experience and knowledge to manage your parking assets.

Diversity and inclusion is at our core: 99% of our field team and 64% of our support center members are minority. We’re proud of our long standing NYC landlord relationships, with leases 30+ years in tenure.

Icon is committed to sustainability, with a vision of being the city’s largest provider of EV parking facilities and increasing EV capabilities nationwide.

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We’re proud that Icon has been recognized as a Certified Minority Business Enterprise. Consolidate your parking and facility services spend with Icon as a certified MBE, getting recognition and credit for your supplier diversity commitment and spend objectives. Icon is financially backed by Arkview Capital, an MBE private-equity investment fund committed to funding and scaling minority businesses.

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